I’m going across some of the most bureaucratic countries of the world, and hence there will be a lot of issues with the visas. They are not only expensive, but will also in some cases require an LOI (letter of invitation) – as if things weren’t complicated enough already!

It’s easy to lose ones mind whilst trying to get hold of every each step to obtain a visa, and that’s why I’m going to give it a try to guide you through how I obtain mine (presuming that I don’t lose my mind myself that is).

Please note that I will write from a by passport Swedish citizen’s point of view, and a member of the EU. Still, you will hopefully find yourself some useful information about how to find your way to (and around) embassies etc.

I am well aware that there are plenty good places to get information about visas already – but I figured you could never get enough of it since one time always vary from another. I could however recommend you all to sneak a peak here if you’d like a great overlook of visas to the Silk Road-countries.

As a member of the EU the first country I will cross borders to which demands a visa is Iran. Since tourist visas are normally valid for three months only I won’t apply for them until I get on the road. There is however one visa that I applied for already in Sweden… Russia, you’re first out!

And then, hopefully, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China will join the list eventually… 🙂