The route

I’m not quite sure why I decided that China was the thing years back, why that would be my final destination of the trip. Parents always jokingly ask their children if they are going to dig themselves to China when playing in the sandbox (at least in Sweden they do) – maybe that’s where I got it from initially. Maybe I took their question way too seriously.

China, the far, far east. The land of the dynasties, of rich history, ancient culture and ever-changing nature… and of graceful dragons, of course.

As I looked more and more into my route however, China became less interesting. Instead I began to pay further attention to what was lying in between. What laid in between Sweden – a land of the North – and China – a land of the East, thousands and thousands km apart.

It’s an amazing feeling really, knowing that you are pretty much free to go wherever you’d like within those two dots on the map representing our whole planet Earth. Wow – it’s like picking out the best sweets from the candy shop… or even better yet – picking from the great chocolate factory of Willy Wonka!

And naturally, my route took a more specific form, with an infinite number of decimals between starting point 1 and final point 2.

Below is the mapped route I’m planning on taking, please click to enlarge ((and please don’t tell me you know how to draw a straight line in Paint) And yes, it’s all wrong in the Tajik region… I’m going on Pamir Highway and it doesn’t look like it and I’m too lazy to fix it right now)):